What are your rights as a tenant renting a property in Cyprus?

The Cyprus real estate market is dynamic with dozens of properties being sold or rented on a daily bases, generating a great flow of people and money within the island.

Before making any definitive decisions, it is important to take special care to consider the rental and resale property markets, especially when renting a home, be it an apartment, studio, or villa. Renters should be aware that they can exercise a variety of rights under challenging circumstances.

The tenants' rights allow an individual has a safe and dignified place to live. Here are a few main rights that are applied to supporting the tenants:

  • A tenant should be treated fairly when applying for an apartment.

  • A tenant cannot be denied based on race, national origin, sex, age, religion, family status, and physical or mental issues. Today, gender identity and sexuality have an important place among these rights.

  • An owner cannot tell the tenant that a property is no longer available when it is.

  • A potential tenant should know if their rental application was rejected because of a bad credit report.


The aforementioned rights are fundamental ones that every tenant is entitled to. If you believe your rights as a tenant have been violated, the solution is very straightforward: if you believe you were subjected to discrimination under any of these conditions, you can file a claim with the relevant government agency.

In light of this, it is helpful to know that the landlord must abide by the conditions set forth in the contract. This contract is only a binding legal document. So as to avoid being taken by surprise later, it is crucial to properly read the agreement. For instance, if the contract stipulates certain notice or raise deadlines, these must be adhered to provided they are indicated and agreed upon.

Consequently, what should you do if your tenant's rights are violated? As a tenant, you should initially speak with the landlord. If this is ineffective, the renter should submit a formal letter outlining the issue and offering solutions. Dealing with this issue through the local courts would be the next step if this is still insufficient.

The contract

The renter must be aware that the terms of the lease are always in their favour and that they have the option of breaking them. They must abide by the terms and restrictions outlined in the agreement, but they are free to cancel it at any time.

The right to tranquillity

Every renter has the right to reside in a home that is comfortable and in a good condition. As a result, they are not bothered by obtrusive sounds or a neighbour or landlord who repeatedly rings their doorbell. It should not be included in the contract because it is, of course, an implicit agreement between the parties. It is crucial that the written agreement meets the needs of both the renter and the landlords.

The right to live in a safe property

Unquestionably, real estate in Cyprus needs to be a safe and healthy environment. There are some outliers, but for the most part, all Cyprus homes are. Having said that, as a tenant, remember that the house is in excellent shape, with regard to the quality of the flooring, walls, wiring, and other significant concerns that might pose a threat to the tenants' safety and way of life.

These problems also relate to windows, locks, the state of the appliances, and smoke alarms. Never forget that the contracts must include all of this language. To have everything agreed upon, nevertheless, and avert unpleasant circumstances in the future, is the wisest course of action.

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