About Us

Who is the Smart Assets Team?

Smart Assets is a prominent, licenced real estate agency located in Limassol, Cyprus. We offer a large portfolio of over 20 000 properties including Residential, Investment Properties, Tourism Amenities, Luxury Villas and Land. Using our expertise and an extensive collection of assets, we are confident that we can surpass every client's expectations.

Why Smart Assets?

Years of Experience

Our 30 years in the industry give us the tools we need to continue our successful streak.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Customer Satisfaction is a core driving force for our team. Because we are only able to succeed when the client is happy.

Properties worth millions

Our numbers speak for themselves so make the smart choice and select Smart Assets for your property needs.

Customer Priority

Our customers are always our priority. Thus, every action and decision centres around the customers best interests.

Properties Available

  • Housing
  • Investment Properties
  • Hotels & Tourism Facilities
  • Land

Personalized Service

At Smart Assets we take pride in our ability to build close interpersonal relationships with our clients that help us better understand and fulfil their needs.

Why are we trusted by our clients to sell their properties?

Because we are a team that displays the same level of attention and professionalism with each case no matter the interest level. We use our very first meeting with a customer to identify their needs and to inform our research, which is a vital step to finding a resolution that fulfils the customer’s requirements. To ensure success for every customer, we supplement our research with our vast experience of the Cyprus real estate market.

Our client is always our priority, so we dedicate and commit ourselves to serving them the best way we can. Furthermore, our clients can trust that we will always guide them in the right direction no matter what is happening in the market. Our experience, knowledge, and connections allow us to be flexible and to adapt so that we can succeed in every type of real estate market.

Our team is standing by ready to assist you.

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