Unlisted Homes: The things you did not know

Buying or renting a dream home can be extremely draining in today’s market. It is difficult enough understanding the requirements you need in a property based on your lifestyle, let alone being a lone soldier searching for your ideal home without professional support. Especially during these uncertain times where COVID-19 seems to have taken over our lives, it only makes things a little more challenging. Should you be struggling through the common ways of searching for potential sellers and renters online, there are alternative solutions - unlisted homes.

What are unlisted homes?

Unlisted homes are properties that have not been listed on multiple listing service websites (MLS) where real estate agents and brokerages usually advertise their properties. In other words, they are not directly available to buyers and renters to view online. Unlisted homes are found through alternative offline methods.

The options that are available offline are through word of mouth, by contacting a contractor or builder, that may assist with your hunt as they may have heard of available properties. Another option is asking any property owner if they may have inside information on what may be available within their network. Alternatively, by exploring your favorite neighborhood on a sunny day, you may find some signs that indicate a property is for sale or rent.

Do you agree that it sounds like a bit of a hassle? While the above options are available to you, it usually requires a large amount of energy and time to search for unlisted homes without professional guidance by your side.

Why work with us?

Through our decades of experience in the market and our extensive networks, if you are looking for unlisted homes, we may have several properties that have not been listed on our website or other websites for the public’s view. If you are not satisfied with your house hunt so far and you are struggling to find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact our team for further help. We will exhaust all our options to find your ideal home.

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