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Covid-19 has affected several markets and industries this year leaving some in a state of no return. The Real Estate market is definitely one that got affected but it is also one that can bounce back eventually simply by adapting.

The pandemic has changed the way families and couples appreciate the houses they are living in. The slightly extra space, the spare bedroom and even the faintly bigger balcony allowing for fresh air during a lockdown. Uncertain times like these has put most through a moment of realization of how important home ownership is affecting purchasing and investment decisions of buyers.


Moving away from the city center

No one wants to live in an overcrowded neighborhood anymore creating a rising demand in the purchases of independent homes. Evidently this will also cause home seekers to move further away from the city center and look for something more remote to be able to continue adhering to social distancing rules due to personal preference and the need for the feeling of safety.

Furthermore, when it comes to safety, recent studies show that buyers are prioritizing safety and security more and more as time passes. As a result, more gated communities are getting attention from potential buyers. This once again leads to moving outside the city center as mentioned above which is becoming more preferable for home buyers especially first-time buyers with families.


Working from home

Work from home used to be popular only amongst some of the larger organizations and more “tech-savvy” whereas now it has become the norm for most companies amidst the pandemic. Having that in mind, it is an important factor to consider space when purchasing a new home. Working from home will not be leaving any time soon so the ability to turn a part of your home into a study or an office will increase productivity and this trend has shown radical drifts in demand in the buyer’s market this year.

Working from home also means you are there almost all day as opposed to before when you would spend on average 8 hours at home, excluding your sleep. What does this mean? This means that individuals are also taking into consideration the outside area of the property when buying. Is there a garden area? Enough greenery around? All this is considered during the decision-making process which may have not impacted the final decision so much before.  

The need for a larger outside area has grown amongst many, especially families during the pandemic, particularly those who did not have a garden or a balcony during lockdowns giving them a new appreciation for nature and for outdoor space.


Villas & large-scale housing

If Covid-19 has taught us anything it is how important personal space is. Villas and houses on the larger side fit consumer demands including numerous benefits smaller houses may not be able to offer. In finding a Villa to potentially purchase, it will almost always be outside of the city center due to the size and naturally will come along with open spaces you can alter and customize as you please. Looking at villas in gated communities will offer you the security and privacy you are looking for if your budget allows for it of course. With the space you will be able to create the perfect workspace to beat the work from home stigma of being unable to work from your dining table. In a villa, you will have a lot of space to work with and create the ideal atmosphere and office space for increased efficiency and be as productive as if you would have been if you were sat at your desk.


Why investing in a villa is a good idea

As soon as the word Villa is mentioned, people immediately assume that it will be way past their price range or not a value for money given the price tag. Investing in a villa is not just investing in a home, but also in your future. This property is not something you will buy and sell 5 years down the line; it is a property that you will make your home and live in for quite some time. So why not make it the way you want?

With the space indoors and outdoors, you can create the dream house you also aspired to live in. Make your dream happen! Post-pandemic, we will likely see a drop in prices in the real estate market which will give more people a chance to create their dream home without being in debt for 50 + years.

In conclusion, the demand in more remote locations and larger houses has seen a rapid increase since the pandemic and will only increase for the next 5 years given the situation of the economy.

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