Tips on Decorating Your First Apartment

You’ve done the research, made the commitment and purchased your first ever apartment. Next is the exciting proposition of deciding how you are going to lay out your apartment and decorate it.  Whilst decorating can be an extremely fun and exciting time, it’s also a very daunting period to some. Not knowing where to start or not knowing the do’s and don’ts takes the fun away for some people. Below you’ll be able to find a set of top tips to help get you started on your picture-perfect apartment.


First Impressions Matter

It’s critical when you open the door on your first ever home, that it feels warm, welcoming and stylish. By adding a few stylish items, you can make this work even through a small entry way.  With some sculptural hooks for coats and bags, a small basket for umbrellas and a small mirror by the entrance helps spruce up an entryway for your desired effects.


Dress up the hallways

No matter how you enter your home, whether that might be straight into the living room or even straight into the kitchen or dining area, there is always one key area that is ALWAYS overlooked, and that’s your hallways. By not overlooking your hallways and dressing them up you can turn those landings or hallways into a pleasant area that’s part of the house. By adding some artwork over a chic small dresser with flowers and/or a mirror, you can change the whole look of the hallway.


Use Color Wisely

It is key that the main setting of your new apartment or home starts with a neutral colour and then add colour in with small pieces. This will make sure your space feels sophisticated without a mix match of colours overall. Otherwise, your space can end up looking like a it doesn’t blend and will clash unpleasantly.


Personalize the Bathroom

Adding personal little touches to a bathroom can help it transform into a pleasant and fresh room in the house. Nothing brightens up a boring bathroom like plants do. Not only do they add beautiful pops of color, but they also freshen stale air and lift wilted spirits. Adding some nice simple artwork also helps brighten the room up. Make sure there is also a stylish little stand to hang towels or robes up.


Be Creative with Eyesores

Nothing ruins a beautifully designed and decorated room than an electric panel, on the wall or an out of sort radiator ruining the space. Fortunately, there are creative ways you can make sure these unpleasant eyesores can be turned into an opportunity. Electric panels or plugs can be covered with a nicely chosen piece of art, whilst radiators can be covered with a nice metal cover and floating shelf on top to utilize the space.


Embrace Eclectic Style

When figuring out the style you want to drape your first apartment with, it is key that you take into account what kind of backdrop there is. You may find yourself against a variety of backdrops from modern and bland white boxes to Spanish-style buildings to industrial spaces with exposed brick and concrete surfaces. When you arrange your layout, remember that, though eclectic style does involve combining styles and periods through a wide variety of items, the curated look shouldn't lack focus.


Invest in Extra Seating

No matter where you live, there will always be a need for extra seating at some point down the road. Whether you are thinking about entertaining some friends or family or even the neighbors, you will usually need some extra seating options as your set is catered more towards yourself.  So, make sure you invest in some extra seating for when the time is needed. Small apartments can house a long, padded bench or multi-functional furniture like an ottoman and bench. Padded, decorative folding chairs are also easy to store and get out during a gathering.


Add Some Rugs

Dull flooring can not only be a painful eyesore, but it can usually leave spaces looking underwhelming as well as feel cold. Thankfully you can easily fix that and warm the space up by using area rugs or even runners throughout your apartment or home. It also has the added benefit or looking more inviting and creates separation in smaller spaces.


Comfort is Key

Above all though, as we can usually get caught up on the style, look and feel that we forget the key ingredient into what makes a home, a home; and that is the need to be comfortable. Make sure that anything you pick out for your home, from the couch to the bed, that whilst it needs to match your style, that its comfortable!

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