5 things to consider before selling your property in Cyprus

Your house is more than just a property. Every home is something that evolves into an extension of your personality, style, and ideals through time.

The same principles apply to individuals looking to buy a home today. Those looking to purchase a property ensure it suits their family dynamic, their lifestyle, the design aspects they are looking for, and further factors play a role in today’s decision making. With this in mind, we have put together a quick guide of points to consider before selling your house to ensure a quick and healthy sale.


1. Consider market conditions


It is essential to know what is happening in the market when you are looking to sell your property.

Regularly check the properties that are listed for sale in your area. Ensure to notice if there are any changes in their value. There are numerous websites online that can give you easy access to this information.

We advise you to keep an eye on the below:

  • Property prices
  • How long the properties have been up for sale
  • How many views the property has online (if visible)

Pinpointing how the market affects property sales in combination with discovering how buyers react to properties with their listed prices is the first step in making your price prediction and sale a lot easier.


2. Never overprice or oversell


Supporting the above point, pricing is a very delicate subject. We advise through the research done above to decide on a realistic, market-driven price and, most importantly, not to be overpriced as it will drive potential buyers away. A great way to ensure that the property is priced correctly is by consulting with a real estate agent who is more aware of the happenings of the resale market.


3. Learn the property sale process


Understanding the sales process is vital to ensure you are doing things in the right way, as each country has a different approach when it comes to technicalities. It is advised that you consult with a law firm on the entire process to ensure you are going about it the right way. In most cases, law firms usually do such consultation for free.


4. Now is the time to renovate!


It is crucial to have your house in the best state possible before arranging viewings and getting potential buyers in.

If your property is in a decent state, not at the extent of a complete renovation, then a touch-up may be required. We advise making it as presentable as possible by ensuring well-painted walls, cleanliness all around, and ensuring the garden is looking its best.

Another factor to consider is that any bug or pest issues should be resolved beforehand because the initial impression is everything!


5. Choose the right real estate agent


One of the most important steps is finding a real estate agent who will be by your side throughout the process. Real estate experts will guide you correctly and ensure that you get the correct value that your property deserves.

Our team has the means and expertise to be those real estate agents for you. We have a professional team with endless years of experience in the real estate market in Cyprus.

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