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The property is part of a 7storey building, located in a premium location within the commercial high street of Larnaca and 100m from the sea.

The property is adjacent to a bigger plot which is earmarked for the creation of a highrise mixed use development (hotel, retail, residential) which will be a landmark for Larnaca. When this development takes place (currently at permit stage) the value of the property is expected to rise further (there may be an interest also to acquire this property in the future).

The ground and 1st Floors are operated as a retail unit and the remaining 3 floor levels are storage and BOH areas. Part of the 3rd floor level is used and offers areas for staff and related amenities.

The flats on the 5th – 7th floors belong to 3rd parties. The building has two lifts: one of which services the apartments on the 5th – 7th Floor levels; and, the other is internal to the retail units and covers the needs of the Ground to 4th Floor levels.


Air Condition

Close to the airport

Close to the city

Freehold property

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