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For sale a prominent corner plot in central Limassol. Located on the main shopping and business district in Agios Nektarios area. The site consists of four plots, each with separate title deed. For their comprehensive development with a single project the 4 plots will have to be amalgamated to form one single plot. Total development planning countable area approx 11.500 sq.m

Commercial and residenatial zone:

1]. Planning zone: Εb2 [commercial]

Corresponding area of the plot: 1171 sq.m

Density: 180%

2]. Planning zone: Εb4 [commercial]

Corresponding area of the plot: 982 sq.m

Density: 140%

3]. Planning zone: Ka4 [residential]

Corresponding area of the plot: 1908 sq.m

Density: 120%

TOTAL plots area: 4061 sq.m





Close to the city

Freehold property

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