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Τhe property lies on Ayios Athanasios-Mathikoloni main road, at Ayios Athanasios quarter, within the municipality of Ayios Athanasios, in the district of Limassol.

The parcel has an irregular shape, a rather unsmooth surface and a slight southern slope. Part of the parcel has a smooth and flat surface. A small part of the parcel has a steeper south-western and north-western inclination. Earth works have been carried out within the aforementioned part of the parcel.

On its eastern boundary, the parcel enjoys a frontage of approximately 185 metres, on Ayios Athanasios-Mathikoloni main road and a frontage of approximately 215 metres, on a registered, public pathway.

The property enjoys panoramic views of the city and sea of Limassol.

The property lacks all necessary services i.e. electricity, water supply and telephone although these are found in very close proximity.

The property falls within the areas of Specialized Development where it can, after ensuring adequate water supply, be developed with the following uses:

(a) Higher Education Institutions (Universities, Colleges and other specialized schools),

(b) schools, excluding kindergarten,

(c) specialized medical centers, large diagnostic centers, medical centers of international standards and private hospitals sports / entertainment, large-scale organized sports centers,

(d) theme parks,

(e) research and development centers and high-tech developments,

(f) television and / or radio stations, and

(g) integrated tourist complexes

The Property falls within the Rural Development Plan and Planning Zone Γα4 (agricultural zone) with maximum building coefficient 0.10:1, coverage 0.10:1 in 2 storeys.






Close to the city

Freehold property

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